Videos about Offshore Oil Rig Accidents

Our Oil Field Injury Lawyers Have Industry Experience

After an injury on an oil rig or field, you may be able to file a workers compensation claim and/or a lawsuit against liable parties other than your employer. Still, these types of claims are often complex and difficult to win without legal help. A lawyer can help ensure you get the full amount of compensation you deserve. However, it is important to find an attorney with experience handling oil field injury claims. The oil industry is complicated and highly specialized. A lawyer without experience may not know industry regulations and may be unfamiliar with rig operations and construction. At Galloway Jefcoat, LLP, attorney Rusty Galloway has firsthand experience in the oil industry. As a former mud engineer working on offshore oil rigs, he is familiar with the challenges oil workers face. He uses this experience to represent oilfield workers throughout Louisiana.

In the following videos, our attorneys answer common questions and address concerns you may have involving your oilfield injury. If you need assistance with a claim or have additional questions, then contact our law firm today. We offer free initial consultations and contingency fee arrangements. You will owe us nothing unless we get positive results for you.