West Feliciana High School Conducts Mock Car Accident Demo

Most people know and are aware of how easily car accidents can happen to distracted or intoxicated drivers. However, many people forget to bear this in mind each time they get behind the wheel. A West Feliciana high school administration is hoping to change that for at least one student body by providing them with a powerful visual reference. The high school recently invited safety officials to put on a mock car accident demonstration for students that realistically showed the aftermath of a serious car accident caused by distracted or drunk driving.

The car accident demo was performed by the West Feliciana Parish Fire Protection District 1, the West Feliciana Sherriff’s office, the coroner’s office, and West Feliciana Emergency Medical Services. The performers went through the normal procedure of responding to a car accident, extracting “victims” from the accident and arresting the driver who caused the accident. The performers and West Feliciana high school administration said that they hoped that the demonstration would provide students with a strong visual association, rather than just statistics, which might encourage them to take caution on the road and avoid making poor decisions.

According to a Mothers Against Drunk Driving report, the number of drunk-driving related fatalities in the past year in Louisiana was 234, and alcohol-related crashes in Louisiana totaled 3,379.

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