What Are Recent Statistics on DUIs in Louisiana?

Drunk driving accidents can be prevented

Every state has the issue of drunk driving, and many car accidents that we hear about are caused by someone driving under the influence. It’s an issue that has fluctuated back and forth in terms of severity, but in the state of Louisiana, the numbers have always been alarming. Thankfully, the amount of car accidents in general have decreased every year since 1982. As a Louisiana citizen, it’s important to know these statistics on DUIs so you can have a better look at how safe the state’s roads have become.

What Are the Most Recent DUI Statistics for Louisiana?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2014, there were 737 reported car accident fatalities in Louisiana. Out of the 737 deaths, 300 of those were alcohol related. This could be calculated as 41% of vehicle accidents in the state. Out of those 300 alcohol-related deaths, there were 253 drivers who had a .08 or higher BAC calculation. This is a pretty large number; it indicates that almost all of the drunk drivers related to these accidents were very intoxicated and were an extreme danger to others on the road at the time of the accidents.

What Are the Penalties for a DUI in Louisiana?

For your first offense, you could receive up to 6 months of jail time, $1000 in fines, and 90 days of license suspension. Your second offense will increase your days in jail and increase the time your license is suspended. For your third and fourth offenses, you could receive 5 to 30 years of jail time, $2000 to $5000 in fines, and up to two years with a suspended license.

Our car accident lawyers know all about the DUI laws in Louisiana, and we will know your best course of action if you were involved in a drunk driving accident. Contact us today so we can start reviewing your case.

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