What Are the Current Pedestrian Accident Statistics in Louisiana?

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Pedestrian injuries and fatalities happen every day, and they are more common in busy cities and towns where pedestrian activity is commonplace. Recent studies in Louisiana have shown that although vehicular deaths and injuries have decreased, pedestrian fatalities have actually increased. There is some interesting research behind why this has occurred and what Louisiana should do to fix this unfortunate issue.

What Do Statistics Show?

In 2012, Louisiana statistics showed that pedestrians accounted for almost 17 percent of all traffic deaths. This means that Louisiana has the fifth highest pedestrian fatality rate in the country, and this rate has been increasing by 30 percent every year. What’s even more striking about this research is the racial breakdown of the victims; African Americans are 67 percent more likely to die in a pedestrian accident-related death than non-Hispanic whites. Louisiana also had the third highest pedestrian fatality rate in the country for children aged 15 and younger; this rate is actually 63 percent higher than the national average. Seventy-one percent of Louisiana’s pedestrian fatalities occur on roads with a speed limit of 40 miles per hour, and over half of pedestrian fatalities occur on arterial roads, or high-capacity urban roadways.

What Do These Statistics Mean for Louisiana?

Some of these statistics are alarming, and they raise questions for the state of Louisiana about the safety of its roadways. There haven’t been any recent studies or investigations related to this research, but these findings do match with national concerns for pedestrian safety. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has done multiple reports that show most pedestrian crashes occur on roads with high speed limits, and many crashes occur near schools or where many pedestrians are present.

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