What Are the Helmet Laws in Louisiana for Motorcyclists?

Motorbike Accident on the road with a car

Many people choose not to ride a motorcycle or bicycle for the fear that it’s way more dangerous than riding in an automobile. This fear is based in truth; motorcyclists and bicyclists are three times more likely to receive life-threatening injuries in an accident than drivers in automobiles. Because of this alarming statistic, the state of Louisiana created a mandatory helmet law to help protect these cyclists on the road.

What Is the Mandatory Helmet Law for Louisiana?

This Louisiana law reinforces the need to wear a helmet if a person decides to ride a motorcycle or bicycle. Under the law, no person under the age of 18 can operate or ride a motorcycle, motor-driven cycle or motorized bicycle unless the person is wearing a safety helmet designed for such vehicles. The helmet must be secured with a chin strap while the cycle is in motion. The helmet must have sufficient padding and lining as well as a visor to protect from any flying debris. Louisiana state law also makes it obligatory to wear adequate eye protection while riding a motorcycle. This eye gear could be in the form of goggles or a suitable helmet with a visor as mentioned before. If a law enforcement officer stops you for riding without a suitably legal motorcycle and/or bicycle helmet, you may face a penalty. You could be fined a fee of $50, or any other type of fee or penalty that the police officer sees fit for your situation.

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