What Does Failure To Yield Mean?

Picture of a Motorcycle AccidentOn September 24th a man riding his Suzuki GSX 600F motorcycle approached Dodge Avenue while traveling west on River Road in Old Jefferson. At that same intersection, a woman driving a Nissan Sentra down Dodge Avenue, pulled up to the stop sign and prepared to turn onto River Road. What happened next left the woman with a failure to yield ticket, and the motorcyclist dead.

How Did This Accident Happen?

The woman turned onto River Road right as the motorcyclist approached the intersection. The motorcycle collided with the side of the woman’s car, and the 22-year-old rider was ejected from his bike. He succumbed to his injuries at University Hospital in New Orleans despite wearing a helmet.

It is unclear whether the driver of the Nissan saw the oncoming motorcyclist and misjudged his speed, if she rushed out into the road hastily, or if she didn’t see the man at all. In any case, police wrote her a failure to yield ticket after they determined that the motorcyclist had the right of way.

How Often Do Failure To Yield Accidents Happen?

This type of accident is the number one threat facing motorcyclists on our roads, but failure to yield accidents also affect other road users. In 2000, failing to yield at stop signs caused 3,424 fatalities and 87 percent of those fatalities were pedestrians. It is important for drivers to understand that coming to a full stop and waiting for cross traffic and the people walking nearby is very important to maintaining safety on our roads.

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