What Steps Do I Need to Take to Become an Oil Rig Employee?

Photo of an operator checking parts on an oil and gas rig

Our global demand for oil is growing, and the oil/gas industry is under pressure to explain their operations around the country. Louisiana is a state hub for oil rigs, so if you are looking for a new career path that will reward you, the oil rig industry might work for you. However, it’s not easy to become an oil rig employee, and there are a few essential steps you’ll need to take before you call yourself an oil rig worker in Louisiana.

What Do I Need to Do to Work on an Oil Rig?

  • Receive the necessary training and certifications: This is probably the most important step in becoming an oil rig worker, because without the proper training and documentation you won’t be able to get the job you want. These necessities include:
    • Meeting basic requirements- age, education, drug test, etc.
    • Make sure you meet any relevant work visa requirements
    • Receiving the necessary immunizations
    • Taking specialized training courses
    • Completing the required certifications
  • Assess your physical capabilities: Oil rig employment is not an easy career move. You will have to be physically and mentally ready for an incredibly involved job. Decide if you are ready to work extremely long shifts, prepare for extreme physical labor, and research the kinds of weather conditions you will face.
  • Choose the kind of oil rig job you’re interested in: Lastly, consider exactly what type of oil rig job fits right for you. Consider your qualifications and whether they match with the job you have selected. Determine your personal skills and preferences and take your time finding the job that fits perfectly with what you want and need. Also, don’t hesitate to stick with applying to only entry level jobs first, so you can warm up to the industry and find your path along the way.

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