Where Is Calcasieu’s Portion Of The BP Settlement Going?

Picture of an oil rigThe Deepwater Horizon’s oil rig explosion and oil leak affected the entire gulf coast, but no state was hit as hard as our own. In an effort to help the community, the lawyers at Galloway Jefcoat have been keeping a close eye on the massive settlement that BP has offered. We want you to know where the money is going, and how it will help your community. So today we wanted to take a look at where Calcasieu’s portion of the BP settlement is going.

Back in February, judges allocated funds from the Restore Act to clean up the BP oil spill and make repairs/improvements to the waterways and local environment. The funds from the Restore Act were gathered from the fines the government levied against BP, and the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority voted to use a portion of that money on the Calcasieu River Salinity Control project.

This project was designed to reduce the amount of salt water coming into the wetlands by setting up rock and sheetpile barriers, and is being funded by $32 million in BP fines. However, the project will soon be getting a larger injection of money thanks to the BP settlement money.

When creating plans for the salinity control project, the Restoration Authority had the foresight to plan for the eventual inclusion of BP settlement funds, so now the project has even more cash to help save a projected 21,000 acres of wetlands over the next 50 years. For more information on how our state is putting the BP settlement to use, keep following our blog, Twitter and Facebook.

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