Who Can Help After A Hit and Run Wrongful Death Accident?

Last month in Crowley, Louisiana, an all too familiar story played out around midnight near The Meadows Apartments. A sixteen year old girl was hit by a driver who did not stop and provide aid or call an ambulance. Referred to as a hit-and-run, these incidents are common and usually involve alcohol. The driver at fault is wanted on murder charges for the girl’s death, and additional hit-and-run charges for two other teenagers he struck with his car who survived their injuries.

Hit-and-runs are a criminal offense, but perpetrators can also be subject to wrongful death suits. In wrongful death lawsuits, a civil case is filed against the defendant, and damages are pursued. These damages can be monetary, such as financial compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, funeral costs, and emotional distress. In addition, punitive damages can be applied on top of the criminal charges.

Even if criminal charges are dismissed in a criminal case, a wrongful death attorney may be able to win a civil case for the family because the burden of proof is not as high in civil cases. While in a criminal case, a jury may be asked to decide whether or not a person’s actions were conducted with intentional malice, a civil case might be won if the plaintiff can prove that the person’s actions were avoidable, unlawful, and directly caused a person’s death.

Looking for Justice in Hit-and-Run Cases

Families of hit-and-run victims go through immense grief at the loss of a loved one. Wrongful death lawsuits are often not just a means of obtaining rightful legal restitution for their loss, because a lawsuit can also be a means of raising awareness about issues like hit-and-run accidents and drunk driving. With the help of a skilled Lafayette wrongful death attorney, families can begin pursuing justice for their loved one. If you want to know more about wrongful death cases, please follow our regularly updated blog. You can also find more information about our Lafayette personal injury attorneys on Facebook and Twitter.

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