Who Can I Sue If I Am Injured on a Sidewalk?

Although not often reported in the news, sidewalk injuries can occur in residential and commercial areas. If you are injured on a property owned by someone else, then you may be able to file a premises liability lawsuit, regardless if the property is a private residence or a commercial business. Negligent maintenance of a property can result in dangerous conditions, which can lead to severe injuries, if the area is not cleared of potential hazards.
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This is because business owners, landlords and other property owners are required to maintain safe conditions for guests and passersby. Businesses, in particular, have a high expectation to maintain safe properties, because they specifically invite people into their stores to spend money which benefits the owners.

Who Are Most Likely to Be Injured on Sidewalks?

Children and seniors can be very prone to trip and falls or slip and falls. However, even a well-coordinated athlete in his or her prime is susceptible to dangerous falls on a property.

Overall, as is the case with any liability case, negligence must be proven. That is, did the property owner know about the hazardous condition and fail to timely correct it? Or did the property owner not know, but should have known, about the hazardous condition when someone was hurt?

How Can I Prove Fault in a Sidewalk Injury?

An experienced premises liability attorney can investigate the cause and fault of your injuries so that your rights are protected. If the sidewalk area contained a hazardous condition, such as objects in the way or broken concrete, these types of conditions must be promptly fixed by property owners. If your injuries happened on public property (such as owned by a parish or municipality), know that these types of premises liability cases have even shorter amounts of time to give notice and file a lawsuit.

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