Who is Liable for Work Injuries at Sea?

Picture of a fishing boatLast year, a Louisiana ship crewmember was working for Crowley Marine Services Inc., as a cook when he damaged his back trying to lift a heavy box. Now, he has filed a suit against his employer for negligence. He alleges that the employer did not provide proper safety training, adequate help to safely perform his duties or adequate equipment. He is seeking compensation for his medical treatment and the loss of wages he has experienced due to an inability to work.

Workplace injuries can have a serious effect on a worker’s life. From loss of wages, to medical bills, to diminished earning capacity, getting hurt on the job has the potential put a person under significant strain. Employers have a responsibility to maintain safe working conditions, and they should be held accountable when they fail to do so.

How Can a Louisiana Work Injury Attorney Help Me?

When you sustain a workplace injury, it is important to know what the next step is to ensure you are properly compensated. The Louisiana work injury attorneys from the firm of Galloway Jefcoat have the experience and knowledge of state and federal law to guide employees who are injured on the job toward the justice they deserve. As experienced maritime attorneys, we can tell if the Jones Act or Longshore Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act applies to your case. If you’d like to know more about how we can help, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, and check back on our blog for frequent updates on Louisiana injury law.

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