Who Is Paying For The Court Costs Of The BP Trial?

Picture of an oil rigThe Gulf States and the many individuals and businesses affected by the BP oil spill have fought a five-year court case against the BP oil company. Such a long case has required the time of judges, lawyers, and other courtroom workers and the bills have had years to accumulate. So who is paying for the court costs of the BP trial?

Who’s Paying The Court Fees for the BP Litigation?

The $20.8 billion BP settlement has been earmarked for many things, and $58.25 million of that money is being set aside to pay for the expenses Louisiana incurred while trying this case. The litigation costs will be paid by a $20 million portion of that amount, while the remaining $38.25 million will be used to pay for the Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) process.

What is the NRDA and How Does It Affect BP Oil Suits?

The Natural Resource Damage Assessment will require state agencies to work alongside federal agencies and BP in order to determine the cost of environmental repairs. It is expected that $5 billion of Louisiana’s share of the settlement will go toward these repairs once they have been assessed. Other states are also receiving compensation for their legal costs, but Louisiana still retains the highest total for legal reimbursements.

There are still plenty of people who were hurt by the Deepwater Horizons Spill, and those cases are still pending in court. These cases help oil field and oil rig workers stay safe by making the public aware of the negligence of big oil companies. Learn more about helping to keep our oil workers safe by following our blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

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