Who Is Responsible For A Livingston Parish Fair Accident?

Picture of an unhappy childA little girl was riding a car ride at Livingston Parish Fair when she stood up and was knocked off the ride. A group of Good Samaritans came to the girl’s rescue, but not before the girl and her rescuers suffered injuries. Now authorities are combing through the kiddie ride and several people are asking…

Who Is Responsible For A Livingston Parish Fair Accident?

The little girl was taken to a hospital in Baton Rouge complaining of pain in her ankle, leg and back. Witnesses on scene said that she appeared to have black marks and blood on her face. The two adults who rescued her also suffered minor injuries when the ride almost ran them over as well. They managed to lift the amusement park firetruck before it could cause any more damage.

The Louisiana State Fire Marshal—Butch Browning—came down to the fair to inspect the ride after the accident. “We were actually scheduled to come Friday and check these rides,” he assured reporters before continuing the paper audit. The marshal also said that his department usually deals with six to eight of these type of injuries every year.

When you go to a carnival or amusement park, the property’s owner is supposed to provide you with a safe environment, particularly for children. However, if their safety and security measures are inadequate, they could be held liable for any injuries that happened on their premises. If you are injured in an amusement park or fair, you should call an attorney with experience to make sure your rights are protected. The attorneys at Galloway Jefcoat have over 15 years and over 1000 cases worth of experience, so don’t be afraid to see what we can do to help you.

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