Who Is Responsible For Faulty Equipment?

who is responsible for faulty eq - Who Is Responsible For Faulty Equipment?

In February, a man was loading a barge when something went wrong and his hand was crushed by a hydraulic lift. The injury resulted in the amputation of his right index finger, and the impairment of his middle finger. Now he has filed a case in the Eastern District of Louisiana for the damage caused by the machine, and his lingering pain. The question remains: who is responsible for the faulty equipment?

Was It A Malfunction Or Bad Training?

In most circumstances, a manufacturer is responsible for faulty equipment—if there is a defect in the machine or no proper warning about its use—but this case is unique. The injured worker has accused his employer of ignoring the manufacturer’s operating recommendations while he was using the machine, which could mean that the employer is responsible for the injury the victim sustained.

Why Would An Employer Ignore Proper Procedure?

Sometimes employers cut corners to save money, but they are responsible for providing a reasonably safe work environment, which includes instituting sufficient safety measures, providing proper training, and using safe equipment. OSHA provides guidelines to keep businesses from falling short of these standards, but sometimes they ignore these regulations.

Almost 3 million workers are injured every year despite the efforts of OSHA, but there are ways you can help raise awareness and prevent employer negligence. If you see a violation, don’t hesitate to report it to OSHA or other employer monitoring organizations, and don’t be afraid to call an attorney if you are hurt on the job. Lawsuits can help keep employers on the straight and narrow, and the attorneys of Galloway Jefcoat have personal experience helping with workers’ compensation benefits.

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