Who Is Responsible When A Dog Bites?

Picture of an aggressive dogBack on June 10, 2014 a woman was leaving a relative’s home when she was attacked by a dog. She claims that she didn’t provoke the attack and that the dog was not on a leash. Now this victim is suing the dog owner for an unspecified amount to compensate for her suffering and medical bills. She claims that the owner failed to properly train the dog, failed to warn others about the dangerous dog, and failed to restrain the dog at the critical moment of the attack.

Though some may not be aware, it is the responsibility of dog owners to take certain safety measures in the state of Louisiana. Owners cannot let their pooches roam: they must properly restrain them, and they can be held liable for damages the animal causes under specific conditions.

Can An Attorney Help Me With My Dog Bite Case?

Knowing the conditions that constitute the liability of owners for their dogs is a task that Galloway Jefcoat is familiar with. Our firm has experience with premises liability cases like dog bites, and we handle those cases with great care and detail. The Journal of the American Medical Association says that the victims of dog attack suffer annual losses of over $1 billion due to the damages they endure, but we can help victims recover from such losses. Contact us if you have been injured and need to know if we can help you.

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