Who’s Responsible in a Work Related Auto Accident?

Picture of an On-the-Job InjuryMany people don’t expect the complications that can arise from workers’ compensation claims. This can be especially true when dealing with accidents that involve unusual complexities.

A seaman from Gray, who usually works on the deck of a ship, was surprised to learn how complicated his workers’ compensation claim became after he was injured in an auto accident while on the job. The man was a passenger in a work truck that was transporting him to a dock site. His coworker, who was driving, suddenly had a seizure and the truck crashed. After the accident, his employer and their workers’ compensation insurance made working through the claim very difficult.

Then the seaman discovered that the coworker who was driving suffered from periodic seizures, which meant that he was unfit to drive. The seaman now alleges that his employer was aware of the preexisting condition and he has filed a liability suit against his employers claiming that they did not provide a safe work environment or a competent driver during the course of his work duties.

Can I File An Injury Case Against My Employer?

The seaman wants restitution for the injuries he sustained. He claims that he suffers from lingering pain and that he has been permanently impaired, and in the state of Louisiana, he may have a case. Employers are required to provide reasonably safe work conditions for their employees, and if they are negligent in providing and maintaining such an environment, then they could be held liable for any injuries sustained.

For more information about employers’ responsibilities to their workers, visit our employer negligence page. Sometimes workers’ compensation isn’t enough. Sometimes employers have a deeper responsibility to their workers. Before you settle your workers’ compensation claim, consult the attorneys at Galloway Jefcoat.

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