Will Car-to-Car Communication Make Roads Safer?

Can speeding trucks be stopped?The federal government, states and communities everywhere are betting on new technology to make roads safer. We’ve all heard a lot lately about how driverless cars could eliminate human error and potentially create a world with almost no car accidents, but there are other promising new technologies getting less attention. One of them is car-to-car communication.

Car-to-car communication works using signals such as radio waves and Wi-Fi to let cars share information with one another about location, speed and traffic conditions. This can help the cars’ automatic safety systems to adjust to conditions and prevent accidents.

In the past, the government has been cautious about these kinds of safety features. Many are concerned that dysfunctions could cause more harm than good. Recent guidelines from the United States Transportation Department seem to show a change in outlook, however. The new guidelines will allow cars to communicate with radio waves and other forms of digital networking.

How Will This Make Roads Safer?

Allowing car-to-car communication technology will let cars share data on the road. Combine this with features like automatic breaking and advanced driving assistance, and this becomes a powerful safety tool. For example, your car could get data about an oncoming car and break before you accidently pull into oncoming traffic.

This could help limit accidents caused by human error or distracted driving. It will also help pave the way for the future of driverless cars. The cars’ autonomous driving systems would be more effective at avoiding collisions if they received regular updates from other vehicles on the road.

The concept has existed for some time, but concerns about factors such as malfunction and security have largely kept these features off the roads. Hopefully, as this technology starts to find its way into more new cars, we will see a decline in the number of accidents.

What do you think? Would you buy a car that communicated with other vehicles on the road?

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