Will Designated Drivers Become Mandatory for Louisiana?

Picture of Potential Drunk Driving AccidentA bill has been proposed in the Louisiana State Legislature that may curb DWI accidents if it passes. While the bill is preventative, it could be controversial, as it would require that drinking establishments refrain from serving clients who do not have a designated driver. The bill would also protect the designated driver from being removed from an establishment because he or she is not buying alcohol. One of the drawbacks is that people with out-of state licenses would not be eligible to be a designated driver.

The legislator who proposed the bill, based off his statements, understands that his own bill may not work. In fact, he thinks that local government or college campuses may be better at creating and enforcing rules regarding drunk driving than state legislators could.

Why Would a Legislator Propose a Bill That May Not Work?

The originator of the bill asserts that, while the bill might be difficult to enforce, such a bill would help in starting a constructive conversation on drinking and driving.

A major reason why this bill is being proposed is that Louisiana auto accident fatalities are caused by alcohol about one-third of the time. Drunk driving, along with speeding and distracted driving, is a preventable cause of auto accidents. That means that deaths caused by drinking are deaths that could have been avoided.

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[Did You Know? 2013 statistics show that 233 people lost their lives in Louisiana because of drunk driving.]

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