Will Louisiana’s Move Over Law Make Roads Safer?

Electronic cigarettes can cause permanent injuriesThe state of Louisiana is promoting a law that aims to make roads safer for law enforcement and other emergency responders. Despite the dangerous job that many of these public servants face, the biggest threat is often a car accident while on duty. Unfortunately, it is common for emergency responders to get hit while they are pulled over on the shoulder of the road. These accidents are easily preventable if people remain careful on the road.

How Can the Move Over Law Make Roads Safer?

The idea of the Move Over Law is simple. If it is possible, drivers must change lanes to avoid police or emergency responders on the shoulder of the road. If road conditions make changing lanes impossible, then drivers need to slow down as they approach. Failing to obey the law can mean a fine of $200. The hope is that this simple rule can help prevent drivers from running into officers while they are pulled over.

State officials recently held a press conference to remind the public about the law as part of Traffic Incident Management Awareness Week. The governor said that more than 150 police officers are killed every year in traffic accidents. He was also joined by the nephew of a patrol officer who was a victim of the kind of crash the law aims to prevent.

Nobody should have to go to work with a constant fear of getting hit. Emergency responders already have tough and dangerous jobs without other drivers putting them at additional risk. Hopefully building awareness around the law will help save lives and create safer streets for everyone.

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