Will Ridesharing Laws Help Prevent Drunk Driving in Louisiana?

Drunk driving accidents can be preventedUS News and World Report featured a report regarding lawmakers in Louisiana moving forward with legislation that would force ridesharing services, such as Uber and Lyft, to follow state regulations. It is reportedly a step towards making ridesharing more accessible statewide, which many believe could help prevent drunk driving in Louisiana.

What Types of Regulations Would Uber and Lyft Face in Louisiana?

Basically, this bill would enable Uber and Lyft to expand into smaller cities throughout the state more quickly, because as it stands now, the ridesharing companies must negotiate agreements with each municipality individually.

In addition, the regulations would require Uber and Lyft drivers to get permits and undergo background checks. This aspect of the bill has seen some controversy, because under the proposed law, the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry would manage the background checks and permits. The Public Service Commission has objected to this part of the bill because it handles background checks and permits for common carriers, such as taxi cabs. However, Louisiana state law has established that ride-hailing services are not common carriers.

Besides the above controversy, most involved seem to agree, from drivers to lawmakers to the ridesharing companies themselves, that having Uber and Lyft as another option should help curb drunk driving in Louisiana.

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