Will More Traffic Cameras Help Make Louisiana’s Roads Safer?

will more traffic cameras help m - Will More Traffic Cameras Help Make Louisiana’s Roads Safer?

Per a report in Louisiana Weekly, New Orleans is planning to install more traffic cameras. Will this move help make roads safer in New Orleans?

Do Traffic Cameras Help Prevent Car Accidents?

So far, New Orleans traffic cameras have mostly helped the city collect millions in traffic fines. The Louisiana Weekly report featured data from a Highway Safety Research Group at Louisiana State University (LSU). Statistics from the LSU research group showed that car accidents in New Orleans are actually on the rise, with the number of crashes increasing each year since 2011.

Does this mean traffic cameras do not help and may, in fact, make things worse? Researchers cannot be sure, because while some states require cities to report accidents that occur at traffic camera locations, Louisiana does not. Statistics released by New Orleans do show that there have been less speeding violations since the traffic camera program was implemented.

Should I Give a Statement or Sign a Release Following a Car Wreck?

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