Woman Sues Harrah’s Casino for Defective Door Injury

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Photo of a brown gavel on a sounding blockA Louisiana woman has sued Harrah’s New Orleans Casino after suffering injuries she claims are due to negligence. The woman, Earline Gilbert, claims that she was at the casino on July 23, 2016. While she was inside, a broken door fell off a game onto her knee. She allegedly suffered injuries that entitle her to damages from the casino.

She has accused Jazz Casino Company LLC, doing business as Harrah’s, of negligence. This is due to their apparent failure to properly fix the game door, failing to warn her of the dangers of the door and overall negligence. She seeks all reasonable damages, court costs, attorney fees and other appropriate relief.

Casino Injuries in Louisiana

Ever since gambling was legalized in Louisiana, casinos have been a popular destination for residents and tourists alike. And casinos carry some unique risks. For example, many people drink while gambling in casinos. Both of these activities can distract from hazards. Additionally, many who visit casinos are elderly. These patrons may have poorer sight or other disabilities that can make accidents more likely to happen. And given the fast-paced nature of casinos, sometimes staff fail to follow proper protocols, which can lead to injury. This can include things like failing to clean up spills or remove obstacles. And given that casinos often have hundreds of game machines running, sometimes, workers will overlook these defects.

If you are injured in a casino, you have a right to seek damages for your injuries under premises liability. These can include lost potential wages, pain and suffering, medical bills and more. A personal injury attorney can help review evidence of your claim and seek the best path for you moving forward.

An aside: Casinos tend to have security cameras on everything. This means if you suffer injury in one, it is likely on video. Acting quickly by discussing your case with an attorney can help you get access to those videos. This can go a long way toward proving your claim.


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