Out-of-Work Oil Industry Worker? These Online Resources Might Help

The oil industry has faced setbacks, but could reverse course.When oil prices started a downward spiral in 2014 and then stayed low for two years, many oil and gas companies were unable to stay profitable. The financial resources put into surveying, drilling and refining could no longer generate a healthy profit for many companies. This was especially true for companies operating in the fracking industry, which sank more costs into extracting and refining oil.

Many companies filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in an attempt to ride out the economic turmoil. Unfortunately, this had awful effects on the lives of tens of thousands of workers in this industry. Many were laid off, including right here in Lafayette.

The Louisiana Workforce Commission, several state colleges and other organizations have launched www.bayouopportunity.com, a website designed to help people who were laid off from the oil and gas industry. As the website suggests, there are still jobs available throughout the state. Some jobs offer to start immediately and others suggest potential workers may need to recertify for their trades.

The website posts links from other online job sources created by the Louisiana Workforce Commission, such as www.Louisianajobconnection.com and www.LaWorks.com. Job fairs are regularly posted on the website, many of which take place across the state, so you may need a car or some other form of transportation.

Why It’s Important to Help Lafayette Workers

Louisiana has long stood as one of the bedrocks of our nation’s oil and gas industry. In fact, the industry provided Lafayette with an estimated 1,000 to 5,000 jobs in 2009. When your community is hurting, economically or otherwise, posting resources to help is the right thing to do. We hope this website can help those who lost their jobs get back on their feet.


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