Could a Workers’ Comp Law Limit What Drugs Doctors Can Prescribe for Work Injuries?

Keep up to date with product recallsThe Louisiana Legislature is considering adopting a new law that would institute a workers’ compensation drug formulary. A workers’ comp drug formulary would provide new guidelines for how work injury drug prescriptions are handled in Louisiana.

How Could the Proposed Law Change Impact Work Injury Drug Prescriptions?

There are two bills that the Louisiana Legislature is considering. House Bill 592 proposes would establish work injury prescription drug regulations that are in line with the Workers’ Compensation Formulary of the Official Disability Guidelines. This would leave the power more in the hands of doctors in determining what drugs they prescribe to patients. However, if the other bill involved is passed, which is called House Bill 529, it would create a Louisiana drug formulary that would limit what types of work injury medications doctors could prescribe.

This past Friday, we posted a blog about the prescription drug crisis that has begun to impact work injury victims and what the workers’ compensation system is doing to combat the issue. House Bill 592 and House Bill 529 seem to be Louisiana’s effort to fight back against work injury prescription drug abuse.

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