What Are Workers’ Comp Programs Doing to Combat Prescription Drug Addiction?

Picture of a denied work injury claim formFollowing a workplace accident, workers’ compensation benefits may be the only way that injured workers and their families can afford to cover medical treatment and living expenses. As a result, workers’ comp is often a lifesaver for on-the-job injury victims and their families. However, despite how much workers’ compensation helps people, one growing problem facing the workers’ comp system that must be solved is prescription drug addiction.

What Is Being Done to Prevent Injured Workers from Becoming Addicted to Prescription Drugs?

Per a SFGATE report, a news website owned by the San Francisco Chronicle, many states are using their workers’ compensation systems to fight back against doctors overprescribing painkillers to on-the-job injury victims. In addition, states are using the workers’ comp program to help workers who have become prescription drug addiction victims recover.

After noticing several overdoses and deaths among injured workers due to the overprescribing of opioids, the Massachusetts’ workers’ compensation program implemented a program to provide injured workers with alternative forms of treatment. To prevent opioid addition amongst injured workers, the workers’ comp system in New York is now allowing insurers to request hearings where it can be determined if a claimant needs to be weaned off opioids. In Ohio, injured workers can be denied reimbursement for opioid prescriptions if it is suspected their physician is overprescribing them painkillers.

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