Does Workers’ Compensation Apply for Shooting Victims on Oil Rigs?

A wrongful death case from five years ago has finally come to a close in court when a central Louisiana man pleaded guilty to bringing an unlicensed firearm onto an offshore oil rig, causing a chain of events that would leave one man dead. The weapon, a small Derringer pistol with no trigger guard, went off when the oil rig worker sat on a couch with the gun in his pocket. It discharged, hitting and killing a coworker.

For the first few years, it seemed that the shooter would walk away free. There was no ill will between him and the victim, and everyone involved agreed that it was an accident, including the victim’s wife. Nonetheless, she sued her deceased husband’s employer and won a $1.2 million dollar judgment.

Was the Shooter Punished for His Coworker’s Wrongful Death?

Unfortunately, the reward was wiped clean when the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decided that the man’s injury did not occur within the man’s line of work. But according to her, it was not about the money – it was about accountability. Someone had to take responsibility for her husband’s death.

The shooter will likely receive less than five years in prison and have his right to buy firearms revoked. For more information on workers’ compensation and oil rig deaths, follow Galloway Jefcoat’s Facebook page.

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