About the Attorney: John Jefcoat

John JefcoatIntroducing the man who puts the J in GJ [drum roll, please…] – co founder, Mr. John Jefcoat!

A Hub City Native, John was born in Lafayette and went to school in neighboring Scott, Louisiana. Before John knew he wanted to be a lawyer, he was very involved in the family business – raising Brahman cattle. [Fun Fact: the GJ office is actually located on the property that was once his family’s cattle ranch! How cool?!]

Still today, John’s family is involved with the cattle industry (and John admits, he might have kept doing if it wouldn’t be for pursuing law). But no matter the love he had for the Brahman, John left the cattle biz behind. For a period of time he even lived in Guatemala City – famously known for its (HOT) tamales. For four months, John worked at a coffee exporting house and immersed himself in Guatemalan culture and learning the Spanish language.

His adventurous life eventually led him to return home to Lafayette and in 1996 became a founding partner of Galloway Jefcoat.You might be asking yourself: what’s the story behind the firm’s founding?

John was in law school, and at the time, had never met his now GJ partner. They had a mutual friend who told Rusty about John graduating from law school. Rusty, being the firecracker he is, called John up and asked him if he wanted to start a law firm together. From that day forward, they have been true friends and an unstoppable team.

For John, helping and interacting with people across Acadiana is the most rewarding part about his job. His love for the community has carried over into his dedication to community service. John is actively involved in a number of nonprofits, including his favorite, Jeff Moore Basketball Camp. The camp, located in Lake Arthur, instills the fundamentals of basketball in young athletes, through one-on-one mentorship with the camp’s coaching staff, including Jeff Moore, NSU Assistant Basketball Coach.

John has been a sponsor of the camp for 10+ years and is looking forward to this year’s camp!When asked about his biggest goal, his response was simple and sincere –  to always represent his clients as the best attorney he can be.

Thank you, John, for your dedication to the firm and its clients! To learn more about John, check out his bio!