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Rusty Galloway


First and foremost, personal injury lawyer Rusty Galloway is passionate about his clients. His unique background and experience give him the skills and knowledge you want in a personal injury attorney. A founding member and partner at Galloway Jefcoat, LLP, Rusty has become known as one of the area’s leading advocates for victims of serious injuries.

Since 1996, he has earned the reputation as a tough, but fair-minded lawyer, willing to go the extra mile for his clients. Rusty Galloway has the special knowledge, skills and experience to successfully represent his clients where it really matters–before the judges and juries of South Louisiana. For over two decades, Rusty has been successfully representing clients injured in auto accidents, oilfield accidents, maritime accidents, and trucking accidents. He has personally handled over a thousand injury cases and, therefore, has learned the best and most efficient ways to maximize recovery for an injured victim.

Rusty understands working in the oilfield because, as a young man, he worked in the oilfield, as both a roughneck and drilling fluid engineer on rigs. He worked on both offshore drilling platforms and vessels and on land drilling rigs. He has seen firsthand how easy it is for oilfield workers to be injured through someone else’s mistake or negligence. Because of this, he is a valuable ally for oilfield injury victims. Now, he and Galloway Jefcoat, LLP represent residents across Louisiana, especially Acadiana, the Lake Charles area and Central Louisiana.