What Are Louisiana’s Car Seat Laws?

While no one is built to withstand the trauma of a car accident, children are especially vulnerable. That is why it is so important for children to be properly restrained in the appropriate type of car seat. Parents and caregivers also need to make sure to install the seat correctly so it can provide the... Read more

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How Speed Contributes to the Severity of Car Crashes

Exceeding the speed limit gives drivers less time to make vital decisions that could prevent a crash. Speeding also contributes to the severity of car crashes – faster car accidents are likely to be more dangerous. Were you involved in a crash caused by a speeding driver? If so, we are here to help. Galloway... Read more

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Who May Be Liable for a Hydroplane Crash in Louisiana?

Hydroplaning is a wet-weather hazard usually caused by your vehicle’s tires losing their grip on the road. When this happens, your vehicle could slide off the road or swerve into another vehicle and cause a hydroplane crash. If another driver loses control and hits your vehicle after hydroplaning, can you recover your damages? Who may... Read more

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Who Could Be Held Liable For a Construction Zone Car Crash in Lafayette?

Road construction zones can be dangerous, especially when drivers are careless and fail to adapt to the situation. While driver carelessness is often to blame for crashes in work zones, sometimes multiple other parties may be liable. This is one reason why construction zone car crash cases can be complicated. Galloway Jefcoat’s Lafayette-based car crash... Read more

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When Can Injured Victims Seek Loss of Consortium Damages in Louisiana?

Personal injuries can affect the victim’s relationship with intimate relationships. For example, there may be a loss of affection and emotional support between the victim and his or her husband or wife. If an injury affects a marital or family relationship, and the injury was caused by another’s negligence, the victim may be able to... Read more

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Can Parents Be Held Liable for Lafayette Car Crashes Caused by Their Children?

Drivers from all various age groups cause collisions every day, but teenagers especially cause a significant number of all crashes. Teens lack experience behind the wheel, and they often exercise poor judgment, becoming distracted or engaging in reckless behavior while driving. Even though teenagers were the ones behind the wheel during a crash, injured victims... Read more

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Can You Still File a Lawsuit if You Suffered Memory Loss After a Car Accident in Lafayette?

While there are plenty of car accident injury symptoms that are more debilitating, memory loss could be one of the scariest, most unnerving symptoms for crash victims. If you cannot remember some aspects of the crash, or you cannot remember any of it, you may be concerned about your ability to seek compensation for your... Read more

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Filing a Compensation Claim For a Shoulder Injury From a Lafayette Car Accident

Car crashes put victims’ bodies under incredible stress, causing many kinds of injuries. For example, you could suffer a shoulder injury. You could also suffer an injury elsewhere in your body that causes pain in one of your shoulders. Below, Galloway Jefcoat’s experienced Lafayette auto accident lawyers discuss shoulder injuries from car accidents in Lafayette.... Read more

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Do I Have to Attend an Independent Medical Examination For a Louisiana Car Crash Claim?

Crash victims might think the phrase independent medical examination refers to an unbiased, impartial medical evaluation. The word independent might make you think the doctor performing the examination is not going to favor either side over the other. Unfortunately, these exams are far from independent of the insurance company. Below, Galloway Jefcoat’s Lafayette auto accident... Read more

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Why Returning to Work Too Quickly Could Hurt Your Louisiana Personal Injury Claim

One of the most pressing questions on the mind of an injury victim is: when can I go back to work? For many people, not working for even a few days is financially devastating. That is why they are anxious to get back on the job as soon as possible. You need to be careful,... Read more

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