When Do Injury Lawyers Go to Court in Lafayette, LA?

Personal injury cases rarely go to trial. Most of the time, lawyers and insurance companies negotiate a settlement. However, there are scenarios where a trial is more likely. In this blog, our Lafayette personal injury attorneys discuss when injury lawyers go to court and why. We also review the disadvantages and advantages of going to... Read more

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What Are the Leading Causes of Intersection Crashes in Lafayette, Louisiana?

Heavy traffic and driver negligence can be a deadly combination in intersections. These collisions often happen at high speed or involve the side of one of the vehicles, greatly increasing the risk of serious injuries. In this blog, our Lafayette car accident lawyers discuss the leading causes of intersection accidents, common types of these collisions... Read more

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Filing a Car Accident Claim After a U-Turn Accident in Lafayette

A U-turn is a relatively routine traffic maneuver drivers often make because they missed a turn or are unsure of where they are going. Despite how frequently U-turns occur, they can result in serious collisions that cause significant injuries. In this blog, our Lafayette auto accident lawyers discusses who may be at fault for a... Read more

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Can I Seek Compensation for Chronic Pain After a Lafayette Car Crash?

A car crash can be a life-altering event, leaving victims with not only immediate injuries but also chronic pain that persists long after the accident. In this blog, our auto accident lawyers in Lafayette discuss the types of crash injuries associated with chronic pain and treatment options.  We also explain the type of evidence needed... Read more

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Understanding the Causes of Lafayette Auto Accidents That Occur Close to Home

When driving close to home, many drivers become less vigilant, leading to a higher likelihood of accidents. Familiarity with the roads, routines and surroundings can create a false sense of security, causing drivers to be less attentive. Below, Galloway Jefcoat dives into why accidents happen close to home, how familiarity can lead to negligence and... Read more

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What Types of Injuries Can Cause Back Pain After a Lafayette Car Crash?

Back pain is one of the most common complaints after a car accident. It can range from minor discomfort to severe and life-altering. Below, Galloway Jefcoat addresses how back pain occurs during a car crash, the types of injuries that can cause this pain and how to determine the severity of your injuries. Additionally, we... Read more

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Filing a Legal Claim After a Rollover Car Crash in Lafayette

While any car crash can be traumatic, rollover car crashes can be terrifying. The effects of these accidents can be felt for a long time, as many victims suffer catastrophic injuries. Galloway Jefcoat’s experienced attorneys explain how rollover car crashes happen, the types of injuries they often cause and what victims should know about seeking... Read more

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Lafayette Car Crashes Caused by Road Debris: What Crash Victims Should Know

Road debris can make any trip much more dangerous, possibly causing a serious collision that results in severe injuries. Sometimes drivers can avoid the debris, but sometimes they crash into it or they get into an accident while attempting to evade the obstacle. Below, Galloway Jefcoat explores the dangers of road debris, the complexities of... Read more

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What Is Causation in a Lafayette Car Crash Case and How Can Lawyers Prove it?

Lafayette car crash victims may be able to seek compensation if their accident was the result of another driver’s negligence. While there are multiple elements of negligence, arguably the most important is causation. In this blog, Galloway Jefcoat explains what causation means, the other elements of negligence you must prove and evidence to help validate... Read more

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Liability for a Lafayette Car Crash Caused by a Driver Who Was Wearing Headphones or Earbuds

While headphones and earbuds are great when you are working out or cleaning, they are a dangerous distraction when you are behind the wheel. In this blog, we discuss Louisiana laws on wearing headphones or earbuds while driving, how they can distract drivers and liability for a collision if a driver was wearing headphones or... Read more

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