Can Car Crash Witnesses Be Forced to Testify in an Accident Claim?

You might not need witness statements to prove your claim and recover compensation for your damages. However, there are cases in which statements from witnesses are critical to establishing what happened. The trouble is some witnesses are reluctant to testify. They may be uncomfortable with the idea and they also do not gain anything from... Read more

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Why a Delay With Your Accident Claim Benefits the Insurance Company

Car insurance companies have been delaying legitimate claims for years. This is one of many strategies they employ to avoid paying fair compensation to victims of driver negligence. They want to pay out as little compensation as possible or even no compensation by denying the claim. The experienced attorneys at Galloway Jefcoat discuss the different... Read more

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Avoiding a Collision in the Most Dangerous Intersections in Lafayette

Car accidents can happen in a wide variety of situations. However, intersections are some of the most common crash sites. There is so much activity at an intersection that accidents are much more likely to occur. This is especially true when drivers are reckless, such as when they run through red lights or speed. Some... Read more

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What Could a Claim for a Car Crash Brain Injury be Worth?

Auto accidents have the potential to cause devastating injuries, including traumatic brain injuries. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) range from mild concussions to open brain injuries. TBIs may cause significant impairment of cognitive functions and motor skills. Those involved in car crashes can suffer brain injuries even if their heads do not hit anything during the... Read more

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Can You Still Seek Compensation if the Driver Who Caused Your Crash Died?

Car crashes can be incredibly dangerous, putting all those involved at risk for serious injuries. Even though many newer vehicles have a variety of safety features, another driver’s negligence could overcome all of that. Sometimes the driver who causes a crash does not survive, such as if he or she was drunk, driving at an... Read more

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Are Negotiations Over if You Verbally Accept a Settlement Offer?

Negotiations might not be over after you verbally accept a settlement offer. The problem is the insurance company may try to hold you to the offer you accepted, or at least lead you to believe you cannot get more compensation. That is why you need an attorney’s help to pursue more compensation. Our experienced attorneys... Read more

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Does the Car Insurance Company Have a Valid Reason for Assigning Fault to You?

Insurance companies often blame crash victims for what happened. For example, the insurance company may say you were speeding, distracted or violating another traffic law. These are often flimsy arguments backed up by little or no evidence. Insurance companies know that if they can get the victim to agree he or she is fully or... Read more

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When Might the Insurance Company Be Breaking the Law Handling an Accident Claim?

Many people have had bad experiences with car insurance companies. They may have had to wait an unreasonably long time for the insurance company to decide whether to pay out a claim or deny it. Sometimes insurance companies do not give specific reasons for denying a claim. Some people assume these are the kinds of... Read more

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Can I Recover Compensation for Damages From a Single-Vehicle Collision?

Some single-vehicle crashes are the result of the driver’s negligence. For example, the driver of the damaged vehicle may have been drunk or distracted, causing him or her to crash into a utility pole, tree or guardrail. However, there are also single-vehicle crashes that were caused by other drivers, even though the other driver’s vehicle... Read more

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What Crash Victims Need to Know About Compensation for Future Medical Care

Some car crash victims’ injuries heal before they settle their insurance claims. If the healing process will not conclude before the settlement, or if the victim has a permanent or long-term injury, the settlement needs to account for that. But how do you determine how much compensation you may need for ongoing treatment? This is... Read more

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