Lawsuits for Lafayette Car Accidents Caused by Poor Tire Maintenance

Tire maintenance plays a crucial role in preventing blowouts and helping you maintain control of your vehicle out on the road. Old or underinflated tires are at higher risk for blowing out or not maintaining traction on the road. This can cause your vehicle to spin out of control into another vehicle or stationary object.... Read more

When Should Car Crash Victims Respond to a Car Accident Settlement Offer In Louisiana?

Car crash victims may feel pressure to quickly decide to accept or reject the insurance company’s settlement offer. However, you should never rush a decision about a settlement offer. Below, Galloway Jefcoat discusses how much time there is to accept or reject a settlement. We also discuss what should factor into your decision. If you... Read more

Liability for a Head-On Collision in Lafayette, Louisiana

A head-on collision is a rare and highly dangerous type of car accident. There is a high likelihood of severe or even fatal injuries, especially when the vehicles are traveling at high speed. Drivers who are found liable for these collisions are financially responsible for damages, including medical expenses, lost wages and other damages. Below,... Read more

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What Lafayette Car Accident Victims Need to Know About Delayed Injuries

Many car accident injuries can be identified immediately, such as a broken bone or severe soft-tissue injury. However, there are delayed injuries. You might not experience symptoms for hours, days, or weeks after the collision. When new injury symptoms spring up, you must seek treatment immediately. If you wait to see the doctor, your injuries... Read more

What Happens if I Get Injured in a Louisiana Car Crash but My Insurance Has Lapsed?

You may be surprised to learn that a lapse in your insurance coverage could affect your ability to recover full compensation for a crash, even though another driver caused the crash. That is why Louisiana drivers must make sure they have valid insurance coverage before getting behind the wheel, as you never know when a... Read more

Filing a Claim For Damages From a Crash on a Bridge in Lafayette, Louisiana

Lafayette has hundreds of bridges that are 20 feet or longer and dozens of them have structural problems that put them at higher risk of collapse. However, there are many other risks with driving on bridges that could increase the risk of a crash. If you were injured in a collision on a bridge in... Read more

Can I Include Physical Therapy Expenses in My Louisiana Car Accident Claim?

Car crash victims who suffer fractures, back injuries, neck injuries and soft-tissue damage may benefit from physical therapy. Sometimes therapy lasts a few weeks and other times victims may need ongoing care to help manage pain and regain mobility. Given the ongoing nature of this type of medical care, costs can quickly add up. Fortunately,... Read more

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What You Should Know About Liability for a Roundabout Accident in Lafayette Parish

Statistics show roundabouts are much safer than traditional intersections, but accidents still happen. This is often because drivers are unsure about what they are supposed to do inside a roundabout. If you were injured in a roundabout crash in Lafayette Parish, or elsewhere in Louisiana, you may have questions about liability and whether you can... Read more

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Should Car Crash Victims Be Concerned About Sleeping a Lot After a Lafayette, LA Car Accident?

It can be easy to dismiss fatigue or a change in your sleep schedule after a Louisiana auto accident. Car accidents are traumatic experiences that can be physically and mentally draining. However, extreme fatigue that lasts more than a few days could be sign of a severe internal injury, like a concussion or another type... Read more

Can I Include Treatment From a Chiropractor in My Lafayette, LA Car Accident Claim?

Car accidents can cause a variety of neck and back injuries that could be treated by a chiropractor. The problem is that chiropractic care is often seen as a type of alternative medicine. This raises the question of whether you can include chiropractic care in your claim for compensation. Galloway Jefcoat has been helping car... Read more

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