Workers Compensation

Do You Have a Say In Choosing a Doctor For a Workers Compensation Claim?

You are entitled to your own choice of physician in a Louisiana workers compensation claim. If there’s a dispute between a doctor and the claimant’s treating physician there’s a procedure called a state independent medical exam. In that case a third doctor reviews the opinions of both doctors. If there’s a dispute between those two... Read more

What Are Death Benefits Under the Workers Compensation Act in Louisiana?

Death Benefits can depend on who gets the benefits as addressed in the Louisiana Workers Compensation Act. Sometimes the spouse gets the benefits, or the children and the spouse, every situation is different. Death benefits are part of the workers compensation Act of Louisiana, and with each being different you have to address each case... Read more

Are Amputations Covered Under the Workers Compensation Act?

Amputations and loss of limbs are covered under the Workers Compensation Act. Certain situations are all addressed in Louisiana Workers Compensation Act, where you’re entitled to an award based on a schedule. It’s important to hire a lawyer because sometimes the client may not know what they’re entitled to. An attorney has the knowledge to... Read more

Can I Get Workers Comp for a Repetitive Motion Injury?

In general, you may file a workers compensation claim for any work-related injury or illness, including those that occur gradually over time. For example, you may be able to file a claim if you develop carpal tunnel syndrome after several years. In this video, attorney Robert Martina explains how you can get workers comp for... Read more

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Workers’ Comp

Did you know that regardless of who is responsible for an injury itself, injured persons are entitled to compensation? If you have sustained a work-related injury as a full-time, part-time or seasonal employee, workers’ compensation can cover your medical bills and recovery time for accidents and occupational diseases. The workers’ comp process can be long... Read more

What Are Indemnity Benefits in Workers Comp?

Indemnity benefits in workers comp cases are the benefits injured workers receive to make up for their lost wages due to a workplace accident. However, these benefits are typically only a percentage of you regular wages. Additionally, you may receive different types of workers compensation indemnity benefits depending on your injuries and their permanent effects... Read more

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Workers Comp Claim?

While not every person who was hurt on the job may need a lawyer for a workers comp claim, there is no reason to not receive legal advice before filing a claim. In this video, attorney Shelly Maturin explains a few ways injured people may face difficulties during the workers comp process. It costs nothing... Read more

Does a Longshoreman Need a Lawyer for a Workers Comp or Third Party Claim?

Work injury claims involving longshoremen, harbor workers or people who work offshore on the continental shelf are unique. Federal law allows you to file a federal workers compensation claim after such an injury, rather than a state claim. However, these cases may be complex, so you should always work with a qualified attorney. In this... Read more

What is the Workers Comp Process in Louisiana?

The workers comp process in Louisiana can be complex when a person is trying to file the claim without a lawyer. In this video, Lake Charles workers comp attorney Robert Martina reviews the four elements of a workers comp claim. Video Transcription: Well, workers’ compensation claims are completely different than tort claims, or personal injury... Read more

What is No Fault in Workers Compensation in Louisiana?

If are injured on the job, you are entitled to a third party claim. In workers compensation in Louisiana you cannot sue your employer for work injuries, you can’t sue your employer for an accident that you have on the job. This is called the exclusive remedy in Louisiana. You have a workers compensation claim,... Read more