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7 Things You NEED to Know about the JUUL© Vaping Issue

Unless you’ve been completely avoiding the media, you’ve likely heard about all the current controversy surrounding the new JUUL© vaping epidemic. The JUUL© vaping trend is a hot topic that is getting major attention in the media…and for good reason. The e-cigarette brand is soaring in popularity and, as the public is becoming increasingly aware,... Read more

What is Product Liability?

Manufacturers of household goods designed for consumer use have a duty to ensure their products are safe. In this video, attorney Chris Castro explains the law regarding product liability, and he offers an example of a personal injury case he’s handling on the subject. Video Transcription: Product liability involves cases that deal with a product... Read more

Does a Manufacturer Have to Warn You About Dangerous Household Products?

Dangerous household products are not something a person normally thinks about, until there is an accident or an injury. If a household appliance or item harms a person who was using it in a typical manner, the manufacturer may be responsible for resulting damages. In this video, product liability lawyer Chris Castro explains how manufacturers... Read more

Responding to the E-cig Regulation

The 2019 National Youth Tobacco Survey showed that more than 5 million youth, including middle school age students, reported using e-cigarettes in the past 30 days and nearly one million users daily. A majority of those current e-cigarette users reported using JUUL© as their brand of choice. How does this affect me? No longer are... Read more