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Filing a Legal Claim After a Rollover Car Crash in Lafayette

While any car crash can be traumatic, rollover car crashes can be terrifying. The effects of these accidents can be felt for a long time, as many victims suffer catastrophic injuries. Galloway Jefcoat’s experienced attorneys explain how rollover car crashes happen, the types of injuries they often cause and what victims should know about seeking... Read more

A commercial truck involve in a rollover crash.

Lafayette Car Crashes Caused by Road Debris: What Crash Victims Should Know

Road debris can make any trip much more dangerous, possibly causing a serious collision that results in severe injuries. Sometimes drivers can avoid the debris, but sometimes they crash into it or they get into an accident while attempting to evade the obstacle. Below, Galloway Jefcoat explores the dangers of road debris, the complexities of... Read more

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What Is Causation in a Lafayette Car Crash Case and How Can Lawyers Prove it?

Lafayette car crash victims may be able to seek compensation if their accident was the result of another driver’s negligence. While there are multiple elements of negligence, arguably the most important is causation. In this blog, Galloway Jefcoat explains what causation means, the other elements of negligence you must prove and evidence to help validate... Read more

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Liability for a Lafayette Car Crash Caused by a Driver Who Was Wearing Headphones or Earbuds

While headphones and earbuds are great when you are working out or cleaning, they are a dangerous distraction when you are behind the wheel. In this blog, we discuss Louisiana laws on wearing headphones or earbuds while driving, how they can distract drivers and liability for a collision if a driver was wearing headphones or... Read more

Women driving with headphones and coffee.

How Posting on Social Media Could Hurt Your Lafayette Car Accident Claim

If you have ever talked to someone going through a lawsuit or insurance claim, they may have told you their lawyer advised them to stop posting on social media. This is quite common, as insurance companies and other liable parties could try to use the words, pictures or videos to undercut the case. In this... Read more

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Reasons Why Timid, Overly Cautious Drivers Can Be Dangerous

Aggressive drivers are a risk to everyone on the road, but there are many other types of dangerous drivers. For instance, fearful drivers who are overly cautious can also increase the risk of a collision. Too much caution can cause a crash because other drivers are not expecting it. Excess caution can quickly cross over... Read more

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Can I Still File a Claim for Compensation If the At-Fault Driver Was Killed in the Accident?

Car crashes can be dangerous and could leave those involved with severe injuries. In some cases, those injuries could be fatal. While the victim is often the one who suffers fatal injuries, there are times when the liable driver is the one who passes away. This may raise questions about pursuing compensation for damages from... Read more

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Can I File a Claim for Nerve Damage From a Lafayette Car Accident?

Car crashes generate a tremendous amount of force, which may result in nerve damage that could cause intense pain and affect your ability to walk or even breathe. If you have been diagnosed with a nerve injury, or you think you have nerve damage, call Galloway Jefcoat today. Our auto accident lawyers in Lafayette help... Read more

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Why Car Crash Victims Should Never Ignore Chest Pain

You should never dismiss pain in your chest after a car crash, as it might indicate severe injuries, from broken ribs to punctured lungs or even heart trouble. Below, our experienced Lafayette car accident lawyers delve into the types of car crash injuries that can cause chest pain, along with accompanying symptoms. Additionally, we discuss the steps... Read more

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Who May Be at Fault for a Lafayette Car Crash Caused by Sun Glare?

It is much easier to see the road in the daylight, but sometimes there is too much light. At certain times of day, like the early morning or late afternoon, sun glare can prevent drivers from seeing what is in front of them. In this blog, Galloway Jefcoat’s Lafayette-based auto accident attorneys discuss how sun... Read more

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