Do Insurance Companies Drag Out Car Accident Claims?

After a car crash, many people find that even a relatively straightforward insurance claim can be difficult to settle. Insurance adjusters may put off your calls or make very low offers that do not cover the full amount of your expenses. In this video, attorney Christopher Castro explains why insurance companies drag out car accident claims and how an attorney can help.

Video Transcription

I believe that insurance companies, particularly when they’re dealing with individuals alone, without counsel, they are going to delay. They’re going to push you away. Either they won’t take your call or they—when they speak with you, they’re going to tell you that my supervisor is addressing the question. Or they’re going to say to you: the claim is still under investigation. Even though it might be, you know, I got hit from behind at a red light. So, insurance companies have the idea and believe that: if I if I can push this person off, if I can just not pay attention to them, they’re going to get tired of dealing with me. And that way they’re willing to accept something less and/or just walk away from the process and hold. For a free consultation, give us a call.

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