Did Working On The Insurance Defense Give You A Unique Insight?

Attorney Robert Martina has a background working for workers compensation insurance carriers on the insurance defense side. It’s his background that also helps him on the personal injury side. Martina still deals with insurance carriers and insurance adjusters that he dealt with 12 years ago. He believes people benefit when they have an attorney that formerly worked as an insurance defense attorney, now representing injured workers. It also helps his practice and helps with his clients. Find out in this video why he switched and how he feels he makes a difference working as a personal injury attorney.

Video Transcription:

Well, my background involves working for workers compensation insurance carriers on the defense side. I used to represent insurance carriers and employers and corporations and so my background with that definitely helps me on the on the personal injury side, or the plaintiff side. Still, to this day I deal with insurance carriers and insurance adjusters that I dealt with more than 12 years ago that remember me from the insurance defense side. So they like it when they have an attorney that knows both sides of the fence. They like it when they have a former insurance defense attorney now representing injured workers, so that definitely helps my practice and helps my clients. I switched because either I certainly did not like the way some some workers compensation insurance carriers treated the claimants, treated the injured workers. And it was a big decision when I switched to go from the defense side to the plaintiff side, but I did it, I’m glad I did and it’s definitely more adventurous and it’s there’s more excitement on the plaintiff side. I think my experience in handling defense claims, workers compensation defense claims helps me, I know the drill I know how it goes I know what needs to be done and I know how to protect my clients, so by hiring an attorney, specifically an attorney that has workers compensation knowledge it could only help the injured worker and the claimant navigate through the workers compensation system. For more information on workers compensation claims go to GallowayJefcoat.com.