Personal Injury

How Does Attorney-Client Privilege Benefit Personal Injury Victims?

Injury victims need to be cautious about sharing information about their accident. Saying too much to the insurance company or on social media could do serious harm to a claim for compensation. However, you do not need to be cautious about what you say to your attorney. Conversations with your attorney about your accident claim... Read more

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Do You Need an Expert Witness for Your Personal Injury Claim?

Your medical records and some other basic evidence can sometimes be enough to successfully recover compensation. However, there are some claims that are more difficult to prove. For example, claims involving permanent injuries and a significant amount of non-economic damages. Your attorney may need to bring in expert witnesses to help build a strong case.... Read more

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What Could Your Loss of Earning Capacity Be Worth in a Personal Injury Claim?

While some personal injuries may affect you for weeks or months, others could affect you for quite a long time, even the rest of your life. An injury this severe could dramatically alter your physical and cognitive capabilities, making it difficult, if not impossible, to continue the job you were doing before the accident. You... Read more

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Can Minors Seek Compensation for a Personal Injury on Their Own?

Serious accidents can happen to people of any age, but when they cause harm to children, the injuries are often much more severe than injuries to adults. Their bodies are not yet fully developed and are often more vulnerable. Despite the fact they are not legal adults, children have the same right to seek compensation... Read more

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What Happens in an Appeal of a Louisiana Personal Injury Verdict?

Insurance companies do not like awarding full compensation to an injury victim. However, they may be particularly unhappy if the case goes to trial and the jury awards even more compensation than the insurer would have paid in an out-of-court settlement. Fortunately for the insurance company, they may be able to file an appeal of... Read more

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Questions You Should Have About a Settlement Offer

While there are some personal injury cases that end up in court, most end when the victim accepts a settlement offer from the liable insurance company. Accepting a settlement offer from the insurance company means you receive compensation and release the insurance company from further liability related to the accident. Since you will not be... Read more

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How Can a Recommendation for Surgery Impact an Injury Claim?

Sometimes surgery is the only way to treat an injury, but there are other times when surgery is one of multiple treatment options. In these situations, the accident victim has a choice to make and there are various factors to consider. However, one thing that should not factor into that decision is how surgery may... Read more

How Do Personal Injury Settlement Agreements Work?

You may have heard most personal injury cases end with a settlement agreement, but do you know what a settlement agreement means? Below, we discuss what you need to know about personal injury settlement agreements, including how they are negotiated and what happens after both parties sign them. If you were injured by another’s negligence,... Read more

Can a Slip and Fall Accident Cause a Brain Injury or Other Head Injuries?

One of the reasons slipping and falling can be so dangerous is that it is completely unexpected. When victims are unable to break a fall with their hands or arms or they crash into someone on the way down, they could suffer serious head injuries, including concussions, hematomas, skull fractures or closed head injuries. Below,... Read more

Can Louisiana Businesses Enforce Waiver of Liability Agreements?

If you have ever been a member of a gym, ran in a 5K, sent your kids to summer camp or taken part in a risky recreational activity like rock climbing or skydiving, you may have signed a liability waiver. A liability waiver is a contract between two parties, often a business and a customer,... Read more