Personal Injury

When Can Injured Victims Seek Loss of Consortium Damages in Louisiana?

Personal injuries can affect the victim’s relationship with intimate relationships. For example, there may be a loss of affection and emotional support between the victim and his or her husband or wife. If an injury affects a marital or family relationship, and the injury was caused by another’s negligence, the victim may be able to... Read more

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Why Returning to Work Too Quickly Could Hurt Your Louisiana Personal Injury Claim

One of the most pressing questions on the mind of an injury victim is: when can I go back to work? For many people, not working for even a few days is financially devastating. That is why they are anxious to get back on the job as soon as possible. You need to be careful,... Read more

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What Injured Victims Should Know About the Burden of Proof in a Louisiana Injury Claim

Louisiana injury victims have the right to seek compensation for their damages from the at-fault party. You may have heard that the burden of proof in these types of claims is on the victim, but do you know what that means? Galloway Jefcoat’s experienced lawyers discuss this concept below, including the preponderance of evidence standard... Read more

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When Should You Contact an Injury Lawyer For Legal Help in Louisiana?

This is a question asked by many people who were injured in accidents. Unless you or someone close to you have been in this situation before, you probably do not know the benefits of hiring an attorney. While an attorney can help with a wide variety of personal injury cases, there are some situations when... Read more

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What Are Pain and Suffering Damages in a Louisiana Personal Injury Claim?

Personal injuries resulting from someone else’s negligence, not only affect victims physically but also emotionally and psychologically. These victims have the right to seek compensation for pain and suffering they have already experienced, as well as pain and suffering they may experience in the future. The experienced Lafayette-based personal injury lawyers from Galloway Jefcoat discuss... Read more

Why a Personal Injury Could Make It Harder to Do Your Job

Injuries can affect your ability to do many different types of work. Even sitting in an office in front of a computer can be a challenge while you are recovering from an injury. Sitting in an office chair could make your back injury worse. Looking at a computer screen could cause headaches. That is why... Read more

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Are Negotiations Over if You Verbally Accept a Settlement Offer?

Negotiations might not be over after you verbally accept a settlement offer. The problem is the insurance company may try to hold you to the offer you accepted, or at least lead you to believe you cannot get more compensation. That is why you need an attorney’s help to pursue more compensation. Our experienced attorneys... Read more

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How Does Attorney-Client Privilege Benefit Personal Injury Victims?

Injury victims need to be cautious about sharing information about their accident. Saying too much to the insurance company or on social media could do serious harm to a claim for compensation. However, you do not need to be cautious about what you say to your attorney. Conversations with your attorney about your accident claim... Read more

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Do You Need an Expert Witness for Your Personal Injury Claim?

Your medical records and some other basic evidence can sometimes be enough to successfully recover compensation. However, there are some claims that are more difficult to prove. For example, claims involving permanent injuries and a significant amount of non-economic damages. Your attorney may need to bring in expert witnesses to help build a strong case.... Read more

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What Could Your Loss of Earning Capacity Be Worth in a Personal Injury Claim?

While some personal injuries may affect you for weeks or months, others could affect you for quite a long time, even the rest of your life. An injury this severe could dramatically alter your physical and cognitive capabilities, making it difficult, if not impossible, to continue the job you were doing before the accident. You... Read more

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