When Should You Contact an Injury Lawyer For Legal Help in Louisiana?

man standing by ambulance making phone callThis is a question asked by many people who were injured in accidents. Unless you or someone close to you have been in this situation before, you probably do not know the benefits of hiring an attorney.

While an attorney can help with a wide variety of personal injury cases, there are some situations when it is critically important that you contact a lawyer. Galloway Jefcoat’s experienced lawyers discuss these situations below.

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Situations When You Need a Lawyer’s Help

If you are asking yourself when you should contact a personal injury lawyer, you should know that working with a lawyer can make a significant difference in many cases.

That said, there are certain situations when there is no doubt that you need an attorney’s help. We discuss some of these situations below.

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The Insurance Company Disputes Liability

There are some cases where the victim might not be surprised that the insurance company is disputing liability for the accident. This might happen if the at-fault party’s account of the accident is a lot different than yours, such as if that person is lying.

However, you should know that insurance companies have been known to dispute liability even when it seems clear. You could get into a crash with someone who was driving the wrong way and the insurance company may say you should have avoided a collision.

Insurance companies are looking out for their bottom line, no matter how severe your injuries are. That means you should not assume the insurance company will simply agree with you about fault. As the victim, you must prove negligence and show that it caused you to be injured. This is much easier to do with an attorney’s help.

Multiple Parties Share Liability

Personal injury cases can be complicated when there are just two parties involved. That means things can get a lot more complex if there are three or more parties.

There may be three or more insurance policies involved. Each victim’s account of the crash may be different. Insurance companies may dispute liability and deny responsibility for damages.

You do not want to be working through these issues on your own. You would greatly benefit from hiring an experienced lawyer to deal with the many details of the legal process.

The Injury is Likely to be Permanent

When the victim considers his or her injury to be minor, he is often less likely to call an attorney. However, most people who suffer a permanent or life-changing injury give serious thought to hiring a lawyer. This is because permanent injuries need significant, ongoing medical care that could cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

Insurance companies are going to look for any reason to devalue these claims. Despite what you hear in their advertising, they are looking for any excuse to pay out less compensation than victims need.

Proving a case involving a permanent injury is a complex task. You will need detailed evidence to prove the value of the case, particularly the value of damages like pain and suffering.

The Insurer is Handling Your Claim in Bad Faith

Despite the insurance company’s focus on its bottom line, they are obligated to handle your claim in good faith. That means conducting an adequate investigation, processing your claim efficiently, and not misleading victims about their rights or what is in the insurance policy.

If you think you are being mistreated or the insurance company is taking way too long to work on your claim, Galloway Jefcoat may be able to assist you.

Your Claim Has Already Been Denied

When it comes to contacting a lawyer, sooner is better. If you wait you run the risk of making mistakes that could make it harder to recover full compensation.

However, some victims do not contact a lawyer until their claim has been denied by the insurance company. While it can be challenging for a lawyer to step in at this stage of the process, lawyers often do so successfully.

If you think your claim was wrongly denied, you should call a lawyer to discuss it. The experienced lawyers at Galloway Jefcoat know how to determine if you have a valid case and if it may be possible to overturn a claim denial.

The Insurance Company Refuses to Offer More Compensation

The fact is the insurance company is not likely to increase its offer of compensation if you are handling your case on your own. If you hire an attorney, the insurance company is going to take things much more seriously. This is because they know there is a possibility of a lawsuit, and this is something insurers would like to avoid.

What are the Benefits of Hiring an Attorney to Manage Your Case

One of the reasons injured victims often hesitate to contact a lawyer is because they do not know the many benefits of hiring a lawyer. Some of these benefits include:

  • Leveling the playing field – The insurance company has a significant advantage over injured victims during the legal process. Not only do insurance companies have a wealth of experience with these cases, but they also have significant resources. When you hire an experienced lawyer from an established firm, you level the playing field. Your lawyer has a wealth of legal knowledge and the resources to thoroughly investigate your claim. For example, your lawyer can bring in expert witnesses and take steps to preserve evidence.
  • Preparing a case for trial – Most cases settle, but when you hire a lawyer, he or she can take the case to trial if necessary. Sometimes going to trial is the only way to obtain full compensation for damages.
  • Dealing with the insurance company – One of the last things you want to deal with after a personal injury is communicating with the insurance company. They are going to be looking for some way to mislead you or get you to say something that damages your claim. When you hire a lawyer, he or she can deal with insurers for you. You no longer need to deal with the stress of trying not to say the wrong thing.
  • Answering your questions – Hiring an attorney is not just about hiring someone to deal with the legal process. Your attorney is helping to guide you through the legal process. He or she can answer your questions. This is something injury victims appreciate because they have a lot of questions. Having someone available to provide answers is a relief to injured victims.

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