What Is It Like Working at a Law Firm Where You Were a Former Client?

At Galloway Jefcoat, we pride ourselves on providing quality legal representation – even to our own staff, if they need assistance with a personal injury claim. In this video, one of our staff members explains what it is like working at a law firm and also being a client for a car accident claim.

Video Transcription

After I started working for them, I got in an accident, you know, I became a client of theirs. And they treated me real good. Treated me like people, you know, and that’s the way clients like to feel, like people instead of like a contract, you know, and they just talking to you and just trying to say well okay, we’re going to do this and going to do that and then push it to the side, you know, that’s not like them, it’s not what they do. They’re real good at what they do.  You know, they take care of business, you know, they do what they supposed to do. They are friends to clients. You know, they’ll sit them down and they’ll make them feel comfortable, you know, and let them know what they do and how they do it. I like working here because they’re really good people. All of them. From the attorneys all the way to the secretaries. They are all really good people. For a free consultation, give us a call, we’re Galloway Jefcoat Law Firm, Lafayette Louisiana, our telephone number is 337-984-8020 or you can also reach us at www.GallowayJefcoat.com.