Does a Manufacturer Have to Warn You About Dangerous Household Products?

Dangerous household products are not something a person normally thinks about, until there is an accident or an injury. If a household appliance or item harms a person who was using it in a typical manner, the manufacturer may be responsible for resulting damages. In this video, product liability lawyer Chris Castro explains how manufacturers have duties to consumers regarding the safety of items they place on the market.

Video Transcription:

Failure to warn is, it’s an obligation that is put on a manufacturer. To tell the consumer about the expected uses of the machine and what can result in the use of the machine. Let’s say in the case of a lawnmower. It should tell you that you should wear foot protection. It’ll tell you to wear eye protection. It might require you to wear full-body clothing, at least arms and legs to be covered. Because, there’s a reasonable expectation that the lawnmower is going to throw materials. And that you may be struck by an errant piece. The lawnmower company puts the device out and says, you know, has no warning about foot protection. Or, no warning about eye protection. And the individual is struck, by let’s say a rock, as he’s cutting the grass. And it strikes a wall. And the rock comes back and hits a person in the eye. That’s a reasonably expected use of the machine. And it’s foreseeable that a device, or something, would be thrown from the machine and could cause harm. So, in that type of instance the manufacturer has a duty to warn the consumer about that type of potential for injury.

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