What is Product Liability?

Manufacturers of household goods designed for consumer use have a duty to ensure their products are safe. In this video, attorney Chris Castro explains the law regarding product liability, and he offers an example of a personal injury case he’s handling on the subject.

Video Transcription:

Product liability involves cases that deal with a product that failed or was improperly manufactured. Or, where a product, the manufacturer I should say, failed to give an appropriate warning to the user of the device. And as a result, an injury resulted. So, products liability cases are difficult types of claims to bring. They often involve experts. As do premises liability cases. But it’s not a simple issue. Such as, I did this and I got hurt by this particular device. Whether it be a lawn mower. Or, whether it be, actually, I have a case ongoing with an arcade game.

Where a young man involved a boxer type of machine. You might see him or people punch the machine. And they try to measure their score. And in this particular instance, the boxer device had a cushion on it. Except the cushion was not properly placed. So, in that instance it really kind of evolved into a both a products liability claim versus the manufacturer of the device for their failure to warn. And for their failure to appropriately protect against the harmful event or, the harm-causing event. Which was a piece of steel in the boxing bag. That claim also had an issue of premises liability because it’s in a particular location. And the owner of the premises and the owner of the machine has an obligation to make sure that the machine is as it should be. And that the protective devices are in place.

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