Do I Need a Lawyer for a Workers Comp Claim?

While not every person who was hurt on the job may need a lawyer for a workers comp claim, there is no reason to not receive legal advice before filing a claim. In this video, attorney Shelly Maturin explains a few ways injured people may face difficulties during the workers comp process. It costs nothing to speak to a lawyer about a work accident.

Video Transcription:

Workers comp process, basically begins with the injured employee reporting the accident immediately. It’s the most important, actually step in the process. If they don’t report the accident, then it’s very difficult for us to do our jobs as attorneys. From that point forward, if an attorney is needed, they will come to us. And we will file what’s known as a Form 1008. Which is the claim for worker’s compensation. There are accidents that are unwitnessed. A lot of times, employers are paid bonuses based on no lost time from work. The accidents could get denied, claims could get denied on those bases. Typically, they will begin to get difficulties from their employer. They will be denied either medical treatment or benefits. And at that point in time, they need to come and see counsel. And from that point forward, we would handle the claim. And begin getting it processed and working through the system. Hopefully get their benefits to begin as soon as possible. We typically will send letters of representation to the employer and/or the insurance carrier. Make a demand upon them for payment of benefits immediately. As well as, allowing them to see a physician their own choice. For a free consultation on any personal injury matters, feel free to contact me, Shelly Maturin at Galloway Jefcoat. If you need to contact me via telephone (337) 984-8020 or