Helping Businesses Navigate Legalities During COVID

Everyone at Galloway Jefcoat hopes our friends and clients are staying safe, healthy, and practicing social distancing during this most difficult time.

As a result of this situation, our office is signing up and representing local businesses, who will be making claims for their economic losses under their Business Operations Policies. These losses may result from the “shut down” or “restrictions” set in place by the Civil Authorities in Louisiana and their local governments.

It is important to check your Business Operations Policy (BOP) to determine whether or not coverage is afforded for the losses you have and will incur as a result of this National Crisis.

Be aware that most persons will not understand the language written into their BOP policies. Under current law, if the policy language is ambiguous, it will be interpreted against the writer (the insurance company). Few, if any, businesses have a contribution to the writing of their Business Operations Policy.

For a free consultation, call our offices at (337) 984-8020, and we will help your business navigate the legalities on the road to recovery.

Rusty Galloway and John Jefcoat