How Do Attorney’s Fees Work in Louisiana?

Attorney’s fees, in Louisiana, when it comes to workers compensation cases are different than tort cases or personal injury cases. In this video attorney Robert Martina goes into detail the differences in percentage when it comes to personal injury and workers compensation claims. When working with an attorney they can help you navigate through the tricky parts like with workers compensation cases and the amounts you can recover. Rather than do the work yourself it’s important to hire an attorney who has the experience and knowledge to make sure your claim runs smoothly.

Video Transcription:

In Louisiana, attorneys fees in workers compensation cases are different than tort cases or personal injury cases. In tort or personal injury cases it’s a straight, usually it’s a straight 1/3 or 33 and 1/3 percent of any recovery made. In workers compensation it’s completely different. It’s a statutory rate, is 20% of all amounts recovered. So, sometimes it’s tricky, but that’s what the state says. Workers compensation cases are until the 20% of all amounts recovered which means 20% of indemnity medical and any settlement amount if you’re fortunate enough to get a settlement. So every case is different, fees can vary, but it’s a statutory rate regulated by the state, 20% of all amounts recovered. There’s several reasons to hire an attorney rather than do it yourself when it comes to workers compensation claims. Primarily you want your claim to run smoothly and make sure you’re getting everything you’re entitled to. It’s tricky, workers compensation is a special section in the law in Louisiana and most states where most people don’t know what they’re entitled to, or what their future benefits may be. So you need help with an attorney to get your claim running smoothly, but for peace of mind knowing that your claim is running smoothly, but also to make sure that you get everything you’re entitled to.

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