Meet Chris Starling

Chris Starling, a recent retire from law enforcement, has come to work for the Galloway Jefcoat law firm as their investigator. From Lafayette he’s been in Louisiana for around 48 years. He enjoys the culture, the people and being able to hunt and fish. He also enjoys watersports, the waters around, and motorcycling. Starling describes the firm as a good one with the right support staff that’s friendly and client oriented.

Video Transcription:

My name is Chris Starling and I recently retired from law enforcement after a little over a 22 year career. I’ve come to work for the firm as the investigator. I’m from Lafayette, been here 47 years 48 years I like the culture I like the people and I like the being able to hunt and fish and you know I like watersports the waters around and then I also like motorcycling so I ride my motorcycle in the Scenic Byways around the around the state it’s a good firm right the support staff is very friendly we’re client oriented and the partners are very interested in making sure that the client is properly represented. We have our main phone number which is (337) 984-8020 for more information go to