Meet the Staff of Galloway Jefcoat

Watch as some of the staff members at Galloway Jefcoat share their part and experiences at this Lafayette law firm. From all walks of life the staff members at Galloway Jefcoat all have something in common; a love for their job and the work they do. The chance to make a difference. Personal injury attorneys Rusty Galloway and John Jefcoat started the law firm in 1996. They have had success in representing over 1,000 different personal injury cases. Watch to see and meet the staff that helps makes all that a reality.

Video Transcription

My name is Scott Suire and I am the paralegal to Robert Martina. My name is Rockell LeMaire, I am a legal secretary for John Jefcoat.

My name is Melissa Hebert I’m the receptionist here, I’ve been here since 2009.

I’m Katie Meche, I work at Galloway Jefcoat, I live in Rayne. I started working here in August of 2002.

My name is Chris Starling, I’m a retired police officer, I’ve come to the firm of Galloway and Jefcoat as their investigator.

My name’s Casey Leger, I’m a paralegal for John Jefcoat. I am going to be here for three years in May, I’ve worked for him twice actually so technically it’ll be about seven. I am the point of contact for all of our workers compensation clients over here, so they can call me to get case updates. I submit all their paperwork for them and I just kind of guide them along through the process. I was originally born in Nashville Tennessee but I’ve lived in Lafayette, Louisiana most of my life. I went to the University of Louisiana and I got my paralegal certificate. I’m also a notary public so uh life is all law all the time.

I am from Kaplan and I went to school at Kaplan High and I started working for, in the legal field for about ten years now. I’ve been at Galloway Jefcoat for a little over seven years, and pretty settled in here, I don’t think I’m going anywhere anytime soon.

I’m from Lafayette, I graduated from Acadiana High School, three children 27, 25, and 11. I’m from Lafayette, been here 47 years, 48 years. I’m from the Carencro area, graduated from Carencro High School, went to Southwest Paralegal College and I’ve been working in the legal field ever since. When I’m not working at Galloway Jefcoat I enjoy live music, so I attend a lot of the festivals, I love to karaoke so you’ll probably find me somewhere singing, or just hanging out.

Well I have three children so we, they play all sports and very active in 4H, so we kind of stay busy. On the weekends me and my husband like to ride motorcycles with our friends, back roads of Acadiana. We have a camp in Toledo Bend so we go there for a lot of R&R and the kids come home with the grandkids, we’ll cook and spend time with them.

Well I’m a mother of two boys so they keep me really busy, so when I’m not working and I do actually have a little downtime I like to relax and just read a book. I like the culture, I like the people, and I like being able to hunt and fish and you know I like watersports the waters around, and then I also like motorcycling so I ride my motorcycle in the scenic byways around the state. Best part of my job would be just helping everyone, and that’s mainly what I do, I help everyone. If they need a shoulder I have a shoulder, if they need anything I’m here for them.

The best part about working here is that you have a job where you feel like you can make a difference. For a free consultation give us a call. We’re Galloway Jefcoat law firm, Lafayette, Louisiana. Our telephone number is (337) 984-8020. Or you can also reach us at