What Have You Learned Working With John Jefcoat?

Personal injury attorney Joseph Saloom has worked directly under John Jefcoat. He describes him as an incredible mentor. He explains that the attorneys and staff have a deep connection to the area and everybody enjoys working together. That in turn helps the clients feel welcome and comfortable. When they come to the Galloway Jefcoat law firm they may feel nervous because it’s sometimes their first time dealing with a legal situation. Find out why Saloom feels it is important to keep a client informed and more in this video.

Video Transcription:

I’ve worked directly under John Jefcoat and he’s been an incredible mentor to me. He’s taught me not only the practice of approaching a case but dealing with clients on a personal level, and that’s important. He weighs that just as much as getting the best result for a client but just dealing with the client in general. Not only do the attorneys with the staff and everyone here has a deep connection to the area and everybody enjoys working together and I believe that helps the clients, when they come in, feel welcomed and comfortable. When they come to us, it’s true, we do have a lot of people come in and they are nervous because it’s sometimes, it’s the first time dealing with not only a lawyer but any type of legal situation that they may be in. And the first thing is just that they’ve made the first step and that’s approaching an attorney, in approaching Galloway and Jefcoat. Well I think it’s very important to keep a client informed of the status of his case, because they’re here with us because of a life-altering situation that’s occurred to them and they have the right to know how we are helping them get back to normalcy and we do the best we can to not only return calls and emails but doing it in a very timely fashion. What I try to tell people is that we’re people too and we understand we’ve been through this and we’re here to help. To speak to an attorney call us at (337) 984-8020 or visit us on our website GallowayJefcoat.com.