How Serious Are Premises Liability Injuries?

Premises liability injuries can be severe and life-changing, and may include brain and spinal cord damage. Some of the most common types of premises liability claims involve slip and fall accidents; these accidents may not seem serious, but as attorney Christopher Castro explains in this video, the impact from a slip or fall can cause catastrophic damage on par with car accident injuries.

Video Transcription

A serious injury can be sustained in any kind of event. And premises liabilities are no different cases than any others. Certainly, when you fall you can hyperextend knees. Lower back problems. Oftentimes it’s hand or wrist issues, because the person is catching themselves in a tripping incident. Most commonly, are—typically the biomechanics of a tripping incident is that a person is going to fall forward, because that’s the way their body is moving. In a slipping incident, a person is going to fall backwards, because they lose their footing and their foot goes out from underneath them. So, they typically fall to their rear. Their hip. Their back. And so, in those instances absolutely, the injury can be as devastating as it is in a motor vehicle accident. When you’re struck from behind by a large vehicle or something such as that.

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