What Can You Expect in a Personal Injury Consultation?

Our law firm offers a free consultation so that you can get to know our attorneys and learn what to expect from your personal injury claim. In this video, attorney Christopher Castro explains his strategy in a personal injury consultation so that his clients feel comfortable and heard, and have realistic expectations.

Video Transcription

I think that what a client expects from me or what I will give to them is going to be a clear and candid response about their case. I try to be realistic with clients and look at the other side of the case before I jump in and express any great ideas or merit in their own case. I certainly want them to feel comfortable. And the idea that I’m working for them and I’m working with them, and that is my goal. And ultimately, I want to provide the client with the ultimate service. But the flipside is that I want them to recognize that there’s another person on the other side of this who may be looking at their case very differently. And that they should have that awareness coming in. You don’t just get a rose-colored view of what peryour case is. Certainly, I hear your story and I’m in favor of your story, but also, I want you to recognize that there’s somebody on the other side who may not be as sympathetic to your position as, you know, you want the world to be. So, I try to keep the expectation realistic and I try to make sure that my client understands that. For a free consultation, give us a call. We’re Galloway Jefcoat Law Firm, Lafayette, Louisiana. A telephone number is (337) 984-8020. Or, you can also reach us at www.GallowayJefcoat.com.