What Differences Do You See in Clients Before and After a Case?

When clients first come to the offices at Galloway and Jefcoat, personal injury attorney Joseph Saloom notices their stress. How they may not be in a good position, both financially and physically. But, by the time it comes to the end of the case he notices the release of stress and overall relief. Saloom wants to help get everything behind his clients, to start anew, from whatever situation they were put in. Former clients often refer new ones because they know of the quality and time Saloom puts into his work, cases and attempt to help clients as best he can.

Video Transcription:

When clients first come here they’re generally stressed and not in a good position, both financially and physically, or whatever it may be. By the time we reach an end to their case you can see the release of stress and just their relief of just getting everything behind them, and starting new, starting fresh from whatever situation they were put in our best best referral is our former clients and not only do we get communications from former clients when they have a new case but also just from time to time calling and checking in and keeping us posted on their their situation. I come to work knowing that I can help somebody get closer to a resolution and whatever situation brought them to us, so everything that we do, every day when I come to work is based off of progressing someone’s case. To speak to an attorney call us at (337) 984-8020 or visit us on our website GallowayJefcoat.com