What Has Your Experience Been Like At Galloway Jefcoat?

Before working for Galloway Jefcoat attorney Robert Martina worked as a defense attorney. He got to know Rusty Galloway and John Jefcoat over the years and started working for them. Watch as he describes why he enjoys working at the firm and what the attorneys at Galloway Jefcoat specialize in to help you with your cases.

Video Transcription:

I was a former insurance defense attorney and represented workers compensation insurance carriers, employers, and corporations. And I got to know Galloway and Jeffcoat when I was on the other side, when I was on the defense side. So over the years I had cases with John Jefcoat and Rusty Galloway and at some point I came to work for Galloway and Jefcoat, representing injured workers and claimants. And it’s been a good marriage, we’ve enjoyed the run. It’s been 12 years since I’ve been here, I came here in 2005. So we make a good team here, I think they’ve got some fair and reasonable attorneys here that really can help injured workers and injured people in general, because we are a personal injury firm. I specialize in workers compensation claims and work injuries. John and Rusty specialize in general injuries, personal injuries, tort claims, third-party claims, longshore oil field injuries. So I basically work on injured worker claims and workers compensation claims, that’s my specialty, that’s what I do here.

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