Is the Driver of a Car at Fault for a Lafayette Motorcycle Accident?

Motorbike Accident on the road with a carIn April, a Lafayette motorcycle accident left a motorcyclist in critical condition. Per KATC-TV, the incident happened near the intersection of Colorado Road and Congress Street and involved the motorcycle and a car. As of this writing, police were still investigating the incident.

How Cars Cause Motorcycle Accidents

In many cases, collisions between motorcycles and automobiles happen because of mistakes made by the driver of the car or truck involved in the incident. Drivers too often fail to take the time to keep an eye out for motorcyclists when changing lanes and making turns. One of the most common causes of motorcycle-car crashes is a car or truck making a left-hand turn into a motorcyclist’s path. This type of wreck usually involves one the following scenarios:

  • A car making a left turn across a motorcycle’s path as the motorcycle is traveling through an intersection.
  • An automobile turning left and obstructing a motorcycle’s path as the motorcycle is attempting to pass it.

While other factors can impact fault in these situations, such as speeding or drunk driving, generally, when a vehicle hits another vehicle as it is making a left turn, the driver of the vehicle turning left is often responsible for the wreck.

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